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High gravity ammonia removal equipment


The integrated distillation and absorption unit operation using a folded super gravity bed can greatly reduce the footprint and space compared with traditional equipment, and also can greatly reduce the steel used in equipment construction


The ideal treatment method for low-concentration waste ammonia water is to convert it into industrial ammonia water/gas for recycling. Rectification-absorption is a typical method to convert waste ammonia wastewater into industrial ammonia water. The traditional method is to first perform rectification operation, then condense to obtain ammonia water, and then absorb the tail ammonia through the exhaust gas of the condenser, and some will use acid for chemical absorption at the end of the process. Tower equipment. Due to the huge equipment of the traditional tower, in addition to the consumption of more steel during the construction of the equipment, it also occupies a large site area and space.

Hypergravity technology has been in use since the early 1980s. Due to the strong centrifugal force of the hypergravity environment, the gas-liquid mass transfer process is strengthened, and the equipment efficiency is greatly improved. So far, it has been successfully applied in the fields of absorption, gas stripping, dust removal, rectification, and reaction. The baffled supergravity bed developed by Zhejiang University of Technology has been widely used in industrial applications such as rectification and stripping at home and abroad. In recent years, the hypergravity rectification and absorption integrated machine jointly developed by Zhejiang University of Technology and Hangzhou Keli Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. completes the rectification and absorption process of low-concentration waste ammonia in a hypergravity equipment, and obtains more than 20% of industrial ammonia. , the exhaust gas and residual water are discharged up to the standard. A waste ammonia water treatment technology with small equipment and compact process is formed.


1. The baffled supergravity bed is used to integrate the two unit operations of rectification and absorption. Compared with traditional equipment, it can greatly save the floor space and space, and at the same time greatly save the steel used for equipment construction.

2. Ammonia wastewater of different concentrations can be converted into industrial ammonia water with ammonia content greater than 20%wt after the treatment of this process. At the same time, it can ensure that the ammonia content of the final wastewater is less than 15mg/L, and no ammonia can be detected in the exhaust gas.

3. Simple operation and control.

4. The single-machine processing capacity of waste ammonia water can reach 9 tons/hour.

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