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Hi-gee Technical Support

Baffled Hi-gee rotating bed (abbreviation: Hi-gee distillation machine/Hi-gee distillation column) is a new type of high-efficiency rectification equipment invented by Zhejiang University of Technology and developed in cooperation with our company in 2001. In July 2004, the technology was successfully applied to the continuous rectification process of ethanol water system, creating a precedent for the application of hypergravity technology to the continuous rectification process in industrial production, which is the first in the world. After being reviewed by a national expert group, the technology has reached the international advanced level.

The Hi-gee rectifier needs to be tailored to achieve the best use effect according to different material systems. For example, the models are all BZ750-3P, but the internal rotor structures are different. The above figure is only an example of methanol/water system data photos. different materials. It is necessary to experiment to obtain a suitable baffle design (sieve hole diameter and porosity, plate spacing, rotation speed, etc.). Reasonable design is very important. Change the small for the large, the effect of parameter modification will be magnified dozens of times, and the quantitative change will cause the qualitative change.

Relying on the large database of Zhejiang University of Technology, our company optimizes the design for user needs to ensure the best distillation effect and the most economical energy consumption.

The hypergravity engineering technology center of Zhejiang University of Technology jointly established by our company and Zhejiang University of Technology. Committed to the application expansion of Hi-gee old equipment and the development of new equipment, it has built a set of Hi-gee cold mold test bench, hot mold test bench, mobile rectification device, and more than 10 sets of various rectification experimental columns. There are three sets of gas chromatograph and moisture meter respectively, which can undertake various rectification experiments.

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