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R&D center

The company and Zhejiang University of Technology jointly established the Zhejiang University of Technology High Gravity Engineering technology Center, with fixed assets of 1.8 million yuan, 300 square meters of RESEARCH and development site, with research and development department, production department, testing room and laboratory. The center is committed to the application and expansion of old high-gravity equipment and the development of new equipment. The center has one set of high-gravity cold model test bench, one set of hot model test bench, one set of mobile distillation unit, more than 10 sets of various distillation experiment columns, three sets of gas chromatograph and three sets of moisture instrument, which can undertake various distillation experiments.

After more than 20 years of accumulation, the center has methanol, ethanol, acetone, dichloromethane, n-butanol, ethyl acetate, acetonitrile, DMSO, DMF and other dozens of organic solvents of the high gravity distillation database, to ensure that according to user demand to provide optimal design, to achieve the best distillation effect and the most economic energy consumption.

At the same time, the application of high gravity in the treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater has also achieved remarkable results. When more than 20% of ammonia water is recovered, the tail gas and residual water meet the requirements of national standards and meet the standards of discharge. It not only reduces the impact of environmental pollution to the minimum, but also brings considerable economic benefits to users, and is favored by users.

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